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The particular experience of Howard and Seddon Partnership lies in the following areas of activity:



Development Consultancy:

The whole range of site planning and development consultancy including assessment of development potential, formulation of development proposals and preparation of development briefs. Negotiations with Government bodies on development proposals.

This can include situations where the land use is not established or where unauthorised development is undertaken. Preparation and submission of planning applications and of objections to Statutory Plans. Co-ordination, preparation and presentation of evidence for Town Planning Board hearings into objections to the Statutory Plans and for Appeals against the refusal of planning permission. Expert witness relative to architectural wishes for Town Planning Appeals for applications refused Outline or Detailed Planning consents.



Urban Design and Area Improvement:

Analysis of urban and rural components and conception of redevelopment proposals.



Urban Design:

New urban developments and redevelopment, commercial, industrial, housing and community planning and management projects.



Architectural Projects: Commercial:

Redevelopment of Urban Renewal Areas, with new build hi-tech office units, refurbishment of existing building stock; and Change of Use; projects from individual units to multi unit sites. Green field sites. Work in conservation areas, including new build and refurbishment. Projects associated with buldings located in areas of special interest. Building styles from traditional to contemporary.

Architectural Projects: Residential:

Renewal of existing building stock with refurbishment and new build schemes; individual sites; green field sites. Projects from single dwelling situations through to volume housing sites. Projects range from low to high value residencies. Building forms, new apartments, through to dwellings for single occupancy. Work in conservation areas including new build and refurbishment. Projects associated with Listed Buildings. Projects associated with buildings located in areas of special interest. Building styles from traditional to contemporary.



Measured Surveys:

Computerised EDM measured surveys including levels, physical features, grids. Preparation of measured building surveys including floor plans, elevations, sections and relative structural details.




Preparation of existing and proposed perspectives for individual buildings through to composite sites.



Computer images:

We are capable of producing a 3D model of a building, animating the building, and translating this computer data into computer numerate control to produce a prototype scaled model.



RIBA Plan of Work:

Howard and Seddon work through all work stages of the RIBA Plan of Work as is required by the Client.



International Services:

International services are available in conjuction with our associated Hong Kong office:

Keren R. Seddon,
Chief Executive Officer,
Townland Consultants Limited
1801, 18th Floor, 101 King’s Road
North Point
Hong Kong

Tel : (852) 2521 2911
Fax : (852) 2521 6631

Offices also located in P.R. China, Indonesia and India